Simple Nudes: a manifest

This is a movement of the third millennium, a drive to popularize Simple Nudes.

What are "simple nudes"? Well, the concept and term was invented by DOMAI in 2001. (Read the original article.) Basically it means nude art without anything much added. If the images are artistic, they are only so to a degree that does not interfere with the beauty of the model. And if the images are erotic, they are so as an undertone, not the main purpose, and they are not so to a degree that that overwhelms the experience of the beauty of the model.

Traditional fine art nudes are a great thing, but they sometimes have a tendency to be very... indirect. The model is often hunched over, hiding her figure and her face. In those cases, even when you do get a good picture, it can be at the expense of the model and her beauty.

And on the other hand pornography sometimes have beautiful models, but the beauty is ruined by strained, unnatural poses which makes the model look like a lump of flesh rather than a creature of grace.

A new movement is started now, one that appreciates the beauty of girls, and want it to be acknowledged for itself, not something that is just there to support Art or stimulate sex. We respect woman and her beauty, and we celebrate it. (The same goes for male nudes, of course, but those seem to be less prevalent.)

Don't get us wrong, we have nothing against porn in principle, and we certainly have nothing against fine art! It is only that Simple Nudes is its own thing, is independent of and should not be confused with those two other things.

Obviously quite a lot of art and photography throughout history can be fitted into "simple nudes". But most of this is a retrofit, an overlap from either fine art or soft erotica. This focal point is a new thing. We tend to forget that pornography/erotica only a few decades ago was illegal all over the world, so people did what they could get away with, which then of course often looked like simple nudes. The proof is that pin-ups, "cheesecake" and so on basically disappeared once porn was legalized. And it has taken a few decades of legal porn for enough people to get fed up with it, and being open now to the possibility of Simple Nudes, without the focus on sex.

If you are one of the people with the perceptions necessary to appreciate these things, you have come to the right place. This movement is so new and comparatively small that we felt there was a need for a site that listed the known sites that loosely belong within it ("loosely" meaning some of the sites are actually fine art leaning towards simple nudes). For the time, this site is completely free and we aim to keep it so, both the links and the pictures. So enjoy. Tell your friends about Simple Nudes. And if you know of a site which fits here but is not on the list, tell the owner about this site.

"The sites listed on SimpleNudes are really the purest and most refreshing collection in this genre anywhere on the web." - Craig Morey

1.  Gallery Of Nudes
2.  DOMAI - beautiful girls
3.  Nu Expo
4.  Digital Nude Photos
5.  Naked Aspirations
6.  Female Nude
7.  Craig Morey
8.  M.C. Barth
9.  Absolument Femmes
10.  Fine Art Nude Girls
11.  PhotoContest
12.  Nature Girls
13.  Nude:Times
14.  Nude in San Francisco
15.  Anje and Jan
16.  Soft Nude Curves
17.  Hippie Goddess
18.  Collier Nudes
19.  Salty Nudes
20.  Uncovered Beauty
21.  Fotostrip
22.  Unsharp
23.  Photo Nudes
24.  Brave Nude World
25.  Just Naked
26.  The Sensual Eye
27.  Magic Flute Nudes
28.  NIP-Activity
29.  Nature nudes
30.  Diva Photography
31.  Martha's Girls
32.  Stefano Santori
33.  Nude In Russia
34.  L R Photography
35.  Nude and Glamour
36.  Vienna photos
37.  Sweet and Nude
38.  Arte al Desnudo
39.  Nude Beauties Eu
40.  Michelle7
41.  David-Nudes
42.  Vahid Naziri
43.  Nudes Gallery
44.  Nude Art Gallery
45.  Chris Ball
46.  Wet Nudes
47.  Simple-nude
48.  Bjoern Oldsen
49.  Marttila Tuomas

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